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Can I sell a car if I’m not the registered owner?

3 comments to “Can I sell a car if I’m not the registered owner?”

  1. u should be on the title…

  2. you can sell his car registered in his name ONLY if you have the title signed by him and it is free and clear, OR if you have power of attorney over your father.
    after you sell the car, you tell the DMV that you no longer own the vehicle and that it was sold to ” joe blow” and they will have 90 days to register it for emissions/smog or inspection.

  3. It depends on what state you are in. In Kansas, a car that was already titled in Kansas, the title can be signed at home and not notarized.
    The smog test should be decided on ahead of time. No matter what state you live in the USA there are merchantability laws. When you sell something over $50.00 the product must do what it was intended to do unless noted on the sales contract otherwise. If a car is suppose to drive you down the road then that is what it has to do when sold. That doesn’t mean the radio has to work or the windows roll up. If the buyer has a problem registering the vehicle and can’t tag it, then it can’t be driven and you WILL loose in a law suit. You must make it clear on the sales contract AS IS , Where is, and no warranty on any part of the car. But the buyer, unless scrapping out the car must be able to transfer the title.

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