Do they take a urine sample during physicals?


Do they take a urine sample during physicals?

second hand car

i am about to get my working papers and they say if i havent had a physical in a year which i believe i have. i was wondering if they take a urine sample because i was in a car where alt of kids were smoking marijuana and if i could get second hand smoke toxins

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  1. Oh, you should never be in a car where all those people are smoking and you are being forced to breathe that second hand smoke. Right. Yes, they will take a urine sample, but if they are not specifically looking for drugs, they won’t find them. Watch them smoky cars.

  2. It depends on what the job is asking for. If they said a physical, then they just want to make sure youre physically fit enough to handle the job and you dont have any illnesses that will prevent you from doing your job. Employers always let you know when they want an official drug test because they will state it. That way you know not to waste their and your time even applying if youre a dope head.

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