how soon after you buy a car can you sell it ?


how soon after you buy a car can you sell it ?

sell car

i bought a focus about two months ago. since then the car has went straight to hell. its a piece of crap. I wanted to take it to carmax and sell it to them so i can get rid of it and use the check i get from them to buy another car. can i do this?

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  1. sure you can, dont expect a ton of money from them though. after all they will want to make a profit on it, so figure its worth a few hundred less, and they will want 1500 in profit, selling it to them probably will put you out 2K. the only way you could be restricted in time to sell is if you were repetedly selling cars within days of purchase, that would be like being a dealer, and subject you to licensing and taxes, depending where you live

    good luck

  2. It’s your car, you can sell it whenever you like. It’s not the first time I sold a car before I even bought it.

    Only little problem is if it’s on HP. Then it’s not yours to sell really. Make sure any finance is clear before you get rid.

  3. You can sell a vehicle as soon as you have the title! In some states, it takes the DMV a couple of weeks to mail you the title, in others, you can get the title the day you register the vehicle. If you financed the car, the finamce company may hold the title, and in that case, you will have to pay off the loan! (Carmax can do that for you, assuming you get more than the loan payoff for the car)

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