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Is it illegal for a car lot to sell a used car with a cracked windshield?

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9 comments to “Is it illegal for a car lot to sell a used car with a cracked windshield?”

  1. Get in touch with the dealer. ~
    Legal or not depends on local laws. But he said he would replace it…

  2. Most likely no. However, it may be illegal to drive it.

  3. Whether a cracked windshield is illegal (and whether they’ll enforce it) varies by state. Some states, if you have the slightest ***** you’ll have to replace it. In others, like Arizona, as long as it doesn’t go across the driver’s field of view, it doesn’t matter. On the other extreme, Alaska, for example, may have a law against cracked windshields, but unless you have actual impact-site shattering you’ll never be bothered about it (cracks are unavoidable there).

    But you had a verbal agreement to replace the windshield (which you should have gotten in writing, BTW) so they should be liable for doing that.

    Edit: also: Daewoo Aveo. Unless you got really lucky, you’ll be learning a lesson from this car.

  4. Desiree Anywhere in our usa it is illegal to buy and sell any vehicle that has a cracked windshield,I’m surprised that these so called car dealers don’t have a clue or simply just don’t get it,you have legal rights to have any dealer sued if it is a private party seller then they too can land up in court.All in all keep bugging them until they give in and then seek a good lawyer or attorney that is superb in automotive laws and regulations,they also can be served a summons too if the need arises and don’t back down to these leeches and hawks that are so money hungry,you’ll learn alot more if you note this answer here on this website.Let them know you mean business.

  5. No, its not illegal for them to sell it to you. I say this because you as a consumer should have not taken the car from them until they fulfilled their end of the deal. Never accept a post purchase promise from a used car dealer. New cars you can somewhat trust your sales guy, but used car salesmen never. Seeing as though they made you a promise to fix the windshield, you have to hound them. Show up when you can and demand that they honor your agreement. Don’t let this linger or you’ll never get your new windshield. But then again do you really want to leave your car with them for a few days?? Be very careful but very persistent and you’ll get your car fixed.

  6. If you don’t follow up they won’t.

  7. Do you have anything in writing from the dealer stating they would fix the windshield? They should have done a “we owe”. If you do not have a copy of it, call your sales person or sales manager to follow up on this to see if they have a copy in the deal jacket. I guarantee they have all forgotten about your windshield because they have sold you, and are daily trying to sell more to other people. It is not illegal to sell one with a damaged windshield particularly if you bought it “AS IS”. However, you may have to meet inspection guidelines in your area. Your insurance company will probably replace your windshield for you at no expense.
    Hope this helps.

  8. It is not illegal to sell a car with a cracked windshield it is illegal to inspect a car with a cracked windshield.But it also depends on where the windshield is cracked.In new york state the law is that it is illegall only in the wiper line.Turn your wipers on if the wipers cross a ***** than its illegall and they inspected a car that didnt pass.Notify the state DMV and they will take care of it for you.Only if you got this in writing that they would fix it.If you dont have any proof your out of luck becouse they can just say it happend after you bought the car.If i was you that car wouldnt have left the lot till the new windshield was in it.GOOD LUCK!

  9. illegal to drive with a cracked windshield

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