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Is it okay to sell my car when registration has expired?

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5 comments to “Is it okay to sell my car when registration has expired?”

  1. Best bet is to sell it for what you owe on it. Then its no big deal you just take the money down and get a lien release from the bank and give it to the new owner

  2. no u have to renew it

  3. Wow…California is tough. In most states that ASR button thing wouldn’t even matter.

    Cali could be different but in most states you can sell a car without current registration. The thing is since you will probably sell the car to a fellow Cali resident, and they wouldn’t be able to register it due to the problem. You would have to disclose that up front and deduct the proper amount of cash to cover the repair.

    The bigger thing is if you try to sell without fixing it, the buyer might wonder what else is wrong with the car and they will start going through trying to find every little thing that’s wrong. This could open up a new can of worms.

    It would be tough to sell the car as is when the buyer has plenty of cars to choose from that don’t need repairs.

  4. I would post an ad on Craigslist. If the car is sold out of State then the registration in California does not matter and if you sell to someone in California and let them know the registration is expired they have to pay if they want to register.

    Keep copies of all bill of sales etc so you tell DMV who you sold it to if there is a problem. Fill out release of liability.

    Good Luck.

  5. I’m sorry to be stupid, but what’s an ASR button?

    In California, you are supposed to smog a car prior to selling.

    As a fellow CA resident, I wouldn’t buy it from you under these conditions. It won’t pass smog, unregistered and you don’t even have clear title.

    I advise you to **** it up and get it repairs, smogged and registered. Then you can put it up for sale after that and deal with the lienholder when it comes time to sell.

    Also, craigslist or the local paper’s classifieds are the best ways to sell. However, if the car is in great shape, you may want to try and that way you can put lots of photos up and descriptions.

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