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Should I replace my cracked windshield before I sell my car?

10 comments to “Should I replace my cracked windshield before I sell my car?”

  1. I wouldn’t buy a car with a cracked windshield. Others would ask you to lower the price because of the “flaw”. Find out how much it would cost to replace it. It might be cheaper than you think.

    Good luck!

  2. When we sell vehicles on the lot the first thing we do is windsheild and tires……IT is amazing how much more you get for it….windsheild only run about a couple hundred bucks and tires about the same…

  3. If I were a buyer I might look for a car with out a cracked winsheild, but If I wanted your car, I’d make the price lower because of the cracked winshield and also assume that you don’t maintain your car, so I probably wouldnt buy from you anyway.

  4. what kind of car is this?

    can you get back the money you invested in a windshield when you sell it?

    those are the important questions

  5. I wouldn’t buy a vehicle with obvious damage.
    you might be able to get a little more for it if you fix it. But more importantly you will be able to sell it faster.

  6. Technically, it’s illegal to drive a car with a big ***** in the windshield. The new buyer will probably try to take off like $1,000 for a new windshield when negotiating on a price with you. Take it to a window shop first and see if they can just fix it, but I’d get it taken care of before I sell it.

  7. yes you should u would get more, and u could get a ticket driving with a ***** windshield

  8. Do you have full insurance on the car and what state do you live in because in some states the insurance covers the cost of broken glass so its free to replace. I know because I just had to replace a windshield on a car a few weeks ago. You should call your insurance company.

  9. Replace it.

    Anyone in their right mind won’t buy a 3 year old car with a defect like a cracked windshield. Call around. I may be cheaper than you think to replace it.

  10. In most states a car with a cracked windshield won’t pass inspection & give you registration problems. Put yourself in the buyers shoes & see what you would do.

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