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Why used cars come with only one key?

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4 comments to “Why used cars come with only one key?”

  1. They most likely throw extras out or people are stupid (they are) and only have one key…

  2. Normally when they get a car from trade in, its trashed, filled with everything you can imagine and given 1 key and normally no remote or fob.

    Dealers will normally add a fob or remote but to cut an extra key cuts into their profits and to add the price to the car, the customer won’t accept that.

    Dealers don’t throw them away or do anything with them. They give you what they get either from trade in or purchase at auction. Blame those that trade cars in, not those that sell them.

  3. because the previous owners lost the 2nd key , and the new lot to lazy and cheap to make another one for you

  4. having worked in car sales, i can say that rarely were cars traded in with 2 sets of keys. and almost never were you able to buy a car from auction with 2 sets of keys. here is the trick, most dealers have remotes lying around from cars they sold at auction, or the remote fell off the key ring and they do not know which car it does to. quite often if you ask you can get one of these extras programmed to your car for free. usually the sales manager knows how to do it because programming the remotes is really really easy. the keys on the other hand tend to be a little more tricky to program. but occasionally you can convince them to cut you an extra key at no charge.

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